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Manual and full-automatic imaging instruments are incomparable

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The price of a manual instrument is only tens of thousands, while the price of an automatic image measuring instrument is hundreds of thousands, so the manual platform has no advantage in this respect. We compare their performance. Manual and full-automatic image measuring instruments operate in different ways, so the performance is also different. Manual platform is operated by human factors. Fully automatic image measuring instrument is based on CCD photography technology to achieve measurement. In order to obtain high-quality images which are easy to process, light source is needed to illuminate them so as to make the contour shape of parts more clear in the captured images. When image processing, the accuracy can be improved, which is conducive to obtaining higher measurement accuracy.
The light source is an indispensable part of the automatic image measuring instrument. Its light source is usually composed of light emitting diodes (LED). Different arrangement and density of LED can form different light sources. With the development and wide application of measurement technology, the light source of automatic image measuring instrument is gradually developing towards multi-channel control. According to the actual needs of workpiece measurement, program control is carried out to select single or multi-channel light source in order to achieve the best measurement effect. Full automatic image measuring instrument should be placed in a clean and dry room (room temperature 20 (+5 C), humidity is low 60%, to avoid parts mildew, metal. The parts are rusty and the debris falls into the instrument, which affects the imaging quality of the system and the measurement accuracy of the instrument.
So there will be great errors in the process of detection, so the accuracy of manual detection will be inferior to that of automatic image measuring instrument. Because the manual platform needs artificial control, its detection efficiency and automation platform have a great gap, which can not meet the needs of a large number of customers.


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