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What is the influence of image measuring instrument?

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In order to avoid the influence of heat treatment, cold working and other factors, the instrument should be calibrated by using iron substrates with the same properties as the sample metal. Each instrument has a critical thickness of the base metal. If the thickness is larger than this, the measurement is not affected by the thickness of the matrix. The thickness measurement of matrix metal by magnetic method is affected by the magnetic change of matrix metal (in practical application, the magnetic change of low carbon steel can be considered to be slight).
The edge effect of the image measuring instrument is sensitive to the steep change of the surface shape of the specimen. Therefore, it is unreliable to measure near the edge or the inner corner of the specimen. The curvature of the curvature specimen has an effect on the measurement, which always increases with the decrease of the curvature radius. Therefore, it should not be measured on the curved surface where the specimen exceeds the allowable radius of curvature.
Surface roughness of the base metal and the surface roughness of the coating have an effect on the measurement. The roughness increases and the influence increases. What accidental errors will be caused by rough surfaces? In order to overcome this accidental error, the number of measurements should be increased at different positions in each measurement. If the base metal is rough, several locations must be taken on the base metal specimens with similar roughness without butcher to check the zero of the image measuring instrument, or the base metal coating must be removed with non-corrosive solution, and then the zero of the instrument must be checked. The strong magnetic field produced by various electrical equipment around the magnetic field will seriously interfere with the work of measuring thickness by magnetic method.
The attachment material image measuring instrument is sensitive to the attachment material which prevents the probe from contacting closely with the surface of the coating. Therefore, the attachment must be removed to ensure that the probe is in direct contact with the surface of the coating. The pressure applied by the probe pressure probe on the specimen will affect the reading of the measurement. Therefore, the probe of the image measuring instrument maintains a basically constant pressure with a spring. The placement of the probe has an effect on the measurement. In measurement, the probe should be perpendicular to the sample surface.
The deformation probe of the specimen deforms the soft cover specimen. Therefore, unreliable data can be detected on these specimens. The number of readings is usually not the same for each image measuring instrument. Therefore, it is necessary to take several readings in each measuring area, local differences in the thickness of the overburden, and multiple measurements in any given area. This is especially true when the surface is rough.