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The number of points taken by cubic meter is different

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When measuring, the number of points taken by cubic meter is different, even the position of points is different, and the result calculated by the meter may be much worse. Of course, the measurement accuracy is also related to the errors caused by the installation and use of the machine. Clean and dust-free environment, noise-free and vibration-free interference, constant temperature and humidity can make the measuring instrument itself play its best role. It is not a big problem for products with high precision requirements, but for products with high precision requirements.
Others, such as errors caused by procedural problems, please contact OGP trainers, accuracy errors caused by hardware failure, please contact Sobick Maintenance Engineer. The precision of sensors used in image measuring instruments is not high. In order to save cost, many enterprises often choose poor sensors, which are far less than PH10T commonly used in three-coordinate image measuring instruments. This is often the main reason for larger errors. Because of the immature technical conditions of production enterprises, the installation position of sensors is not the best position, Sorbick Jing Secret instruments have rich industry experience and strong technical R&D strength, which is human factors. This situation is often related to the skilled use of operators. The key measurement series of image measuring instruments developed by Sorbick Precision Instruments can effectively solve this problem, that is, the product quality is not good, and the use of regular and powerful R&D teams should be chosen. Team company's products, colleagues have a professional R&D team, can customize according to the user's products, so that the user measurement effect reaches the best state.