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Functions and Characteristics of Image Measuring Instrument

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Product Description: Dongguan Sorbick Optical Image Measuring Instrument uses optical magnification imaging to digitize the image of the object observed under the microscope, and combines the control software to measure and plot the geometric size of the object. It can also tabulate the data and carry out post-processing. It is suitable for the inspection and design of machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, moulds and precision hardware.
Functions: basic geometric element measurement, combination element measurement, geometric element construction, form and position tolerance evaluation, reverse engineering, etc., output of various reports.
Features of the equipment: All-granite base and pillar are used to ensure the stability of the mechanical system. Continuous adjustable LED cold light source is used for surface annular light and contour light to avoid thermal deformation of the object under test, long service life, parallel contour light, clearer boundary, measurement accuracy and humanized design of laser indicators, so as to find the position of the feature under test conveniently and quickly.