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How to choose the image measuring instrument produced by Sorbike?

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AF Series Automatic Image Measuring Instrument:
Classic model, stable quality
Applicable to a wide range of industries, mainly used in automotive parts, 3C mobile phone accessories, mobile phone flat panel, precision hardware manufacturing.
Apple, Huawei, millet, and other mobile phone suppliers preferred models



AM Series Gantry Automatic Image Measuring Instrument
Supporting Customer Non-standard Customization with High Precision, Smooth Operation and Large Travel
Suitable for large PCB film, large glass products, LED display, LCD display, touch screen and other industries.


E Series Manual Image Measuring Instrument
Classic model, stable quality, wide application industry
Suitable for small batch size testing of precision processing, electronic accessories, hardware products, etc.
MA Series Automatic Metallographic Tool Microscope
Z-Axis Auto-Focusing Height Measurement Supporting Light and Dark Field Observation and DLC Differential Observation
It is suitable for LED display, LCD display, touch screen and other fields.
AG Series Semiconductor High Power Imaging Measuring Instrument
Z-axis automatic focusing and focusing repeatability can reach < 0.0002 mm.
It is suitable for semiconductor packaging, welding patch, loop height, FPD panel, chip-level CSP and other fields.
Series A Automatic Image Measuring Instrument
Originating from the construction of Sobick cantilever platform, facing high-precision product measurement at home and abroad, and leading the comprehensive performance of products are the preferred alternatives for imported equipment.
One-button Flash Meter
Placing SOBEKK in any direction without fixture makes measurement easy
Suitable for sealing parts, precision small parts, mobile phone glass and other flat products.
Double-field and One-key Automatic Flash Meter
Perfect Combination of Double-field One-key Flash Measurement and High Precision Full-automatic Image Measuring Instrument
To meet the customer's requirements for high precision measurement and measurement efficiency.
Electric metallographic tool microscope
Suitable for semiconductor packaging, welding patch, loop height, FPD panel, chip-level CSP and other fields, it is an ideal substitute for Nikon and Olympus manual metallographic tool microscopy.
Leading imported metallographic tool microscopy in three-axis electric control, performance and operability.
Horizontal image measuring instrument
Measuring function is better than horizontal projector, solving the warpage measurement of drills, cutters, grinding wheels, milling cutters and special products.
E Series Manual Probe Series
Very popular video measurement system, non-contact measurement and contact measurement perfectly combine to solve your measurement problems.
Compound Optical Measuring Instrument
Non-contact optical measurement system, equipped with a variety of laser sensors and powerful application software, provide you with customized scanning measurement program.