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Advantages of SOBEKK Sorbick's Automated Imaging Instrument

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Focus on optical precision measurement manufacturing R&D innovation
Committed to quality and reliable service, high quality and efficiency

I. A team focusing on optical imager measurement
A. Fifteenth Five-Year Plan industry technology precipitation, break through numerous technical difficulties, to ensure product reliability and stability.
B. Excellent assembly concept, to ensure that each machine is quality.
C. Processing inspection standards, so that every detail to the extreme.
2. Adhering to the Development Concept of Continuous Innovation
A. Over 30% of R&D investment in technology every year is dedicated to leading the industry.
B. In order to complete your precise measurement, the software functions are constantly updated, non-standard customization.
C. Design and development of industry-specific functions - to solve your measurement problems.
3. Customer-centered after-sales service attitude
A. Establish technical service centers in major cities throughout the country to serve the whole of China and some overseas countries.
B. Adhere to the customer's urgent service attitude, efficient and high-quality service response.
C. Committed to a century-old enterprise, lifelong maintenance mission.
IV. Advanced and Solid Technological Precipitation, High Efficiency and Reliable Production Capacity
Continuous production of 20 different types of products ensures the timeliness of delivery.
B. High-quality Cooperative Supply Chain system, perfect supporting services.
C. Adhere to the product performance optimization, each generation of products have improved performance.
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