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How to use the secondary image measuring instrument

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How to use the secondary image measuring instrument

How to use the secondary image measuring instrument


Sobek Precision Instrument is a large-scale technology research and development team. The company has strong comprehensive technical strength and manufacturing capability, high starting point of product development and market positioning. The products have developed into dozens of varieties of eight series of brand products, such as "SOBEKK", "SOBGOD". One of them has R&D, production, sales, after-sale and after-sale. Integration of high-tech companies. The company's main products are optical measuring projector, image measuring instrument, coordinate measuring machine, metallographic tool microscope, horizontal image measuring instrument, automatic image measuring instrument, semiconductor special measuring instrument, PCB board size measuring instrument, grating ruler, digital display meter, measuring software, etc. The product has high precision and good stability.
In the same industry in China, it is at a high quality level, among which the optical projector products have reached the world's advanced level.


Sobekk currently has four product lines: precision image measurement instrument, image measurement automation equipment, image detection automation equipment and image assembly automation equipment. Among them, precision measuring instruments, equipment and solutions have been successfully applied to industries including electronics, hardware, plastics, moulds, clocks and watches, ceramics, PCB boards, automotive parts, etc. Sobek has a national service network (Guangdong, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and other domestic and foreign sales and after-sales service centers) with high quality and high efficiency service team, providing customers with zero-distance services, free door-to-door installation mode and training, one-year free warranty, non-profit follow-up clothing. A series of safeguards, such as business plan, ensure the efficient use of customers and technical support.
Why did you choose to buy Sobick brand measuring instruments?
1. Sorbick High-tech Co., Ltd. guarantees the original assembly of equipment and after-sales spare parts. Guarantee, ten penalties for vacation
2. Factory entity, strong after-sales team and R&D team.
2. Have R&D team and participate in every process of research, design and manufacture of full-automatic image measuring instrument.
3. Sorbick is one of the top ten image measuring instrument brands in China. It has a large stock, ready-to-stock and fast delivery.
4. Return guarantee within 7 days and exchange guarantee within 30 days.
6. One-year national joint insurance, door-to-door delivery, free of installation, commissioning and training costs.
7. The shipped equipment is qualified by the third party inspection organization and provides the third party inspection qualified report and qualified label.
8. Focus on customer experience and serve customers around the world 7 days * 24 hours.


The Use Method of Image Measuring Instrument
This product is suitable for industry/customer group/manufacturer/description:
VMS quadratic element and VMS cubic element have become the mainstream products in precision measurement. However, the operation of these instruments is also inseparable from human factors. Man is the dominant factor in the society and precise measurement. The CNC quadratic and cubic components realize the automatic control of the instrument and can be controlled by computer to complete the measurement task.
Generally, there may be some misunderstandings: it is believed that an automatic image measuring instrument can be operated by nobody. In fact, in the process of measurement, even if it is a powerful precision measuring instrument, the accuracy of its measurement results will be greatly affected if there is no role of personnel. In precision measurement, no matter how advanced the technology of precision measurement instrument is, people always play a leading role in it. Only in this way can the measurement accuracy of quadratic image measuring instrument and coordinate measuring instrument be guaranteed. This is the unchanged truth in the development of precision measurement. The main function of the automatic image measuring instrument is to efficiently measure products and reduce the number of surveyors. In order to save personnel, cost and improve efficiency.


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