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Electric metallograp
Electric metallographic tool microscope

Name:Electric metallographic tool microscope


MC Series Electric Metallographic Tool Microscope

Z-Axis Auto-Focusing Height Measurement Supporting Light and Dark Field Observation and DLC Differential Observation

It is suitable for LED display, LCD display, touch screen and other fields.




Table travel range(XYZ)









2+250/L) um

Repeatability accuracy


X.Y move style

Manual handle

Z move style

Automatic focus(servo motor)+ Manual pulse handwheel focus(min focal distance 2um)


1/2 inch 750 line color camera



Work-table loading


Illuminating system

Cold light source transmission lighting, 10W LED reflection lighting


Five-hole objective rotary table (with DIC slot)

Optical eyepiece tube

Trinocular tube


WF 10X/22

Adaptor lens



10 X -3000 X

Bright filed lens

LWDPLAN 5X:     (N.A) 0.14,  working distance :10.8mm

LWDPLAN 10X:   (N.A) 0.25,  working distance:10.0mm

LWDPLAN 20X:   (N.A) 0.40,  working distance: 4.0 mm

LWDPLAN 50X:   (N.A)0.55,  working distance: 7.5 mm

Optical system

CSIC infinity correction optical system


220V±10% 50Hz , 0.5KW

envirment requiry

temperature range22±2℃,humidity range30%-70%

optional parts

100X  lens, Dark-field, polarized, DIC(differential interference contrast)

Technical parameters of MC-300, MC-400 tool metallographic microscope:

Electric metallographic tool microscope

Suitable for semiconductor packaging, welding patch, loop height, FPD panel, chip-level CSP and other fields, it is an ideal substitute for Nikon and Olympus manual metallographic tool microscopy.

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Brand StrengthA team dedicated to optical imaging measurement

Industry technology precipitation in the 10th Five-Year Plan, breaking through numerous technical difficulties to ensure product reliability and stability Excellent assembly concept to ensure that each machine is a top-quality product Processing inspection standards, so that every detail to the extreme

Strict TechnologyAdhering to the Development Concept of Continuous Innovation

Every year, 30% of the investment in R&D of technology funds is devoted to industry leading In order to complete your precise measurement, software functions are constantly updated, non-standard customization industry-specific function design and R&D --- to solve your measurement problems.  

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Establish technical service centers in major cities throughout the country to serve the whole China and some overseas countries insist on the service attitude of customer's urgency as my urgency, high-efficiency and high-quality service response devote to the mission of 100-year enterprises and provide lifelong maintenance.

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Continuous production of 20 different types of products ensures the timeliness of delivery of instruments high-quality Cooperative Supply Chain system, perfect supporting services insists on product performance optimization, and improves the performance of each generation of products.

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      Dongguan Sorbick Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock manufacturing enterprise with 15 years of experience and pioneering spirit. It independently develops, produces, sells and sells high-precision optical measuring instruments for various industries. A R&D center has been set up in Taiwan, with six major marketing and after-sales service centers and one overseas business department in mainland China. It is dedicated to providing industrial automation and intelligent products and solutions for precision manufacturing customers. It mainly aims at product size measurement, surface defect detection, automated production and assembly and other links to help customers improve quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs, so as to promote the competitiveness of customer enterprises. 

      Sobekk currently has four product lines: precision image measurement instrument, image measurement automation equipment, image detection automation equipment and image assembly automation equipment. Among them, precision measuring instruments, equipment and solutions have been successfully applied to industries including electronics, hardware, plastics, moulds, clocks and watches, ceramics, PCB boards, automotive parts, etc. Sobek has a national service network (Guangdong, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and other domestic and foreign sales and after-sales service centers) with high quality and high efficiency service team, providing customers with zero-distance services, free door-to-door installation mode and training, one-year free warranty, non-profit follow-up clothing. A series of safeguards, such as business plan, ensure the efficient use of customers and technical support.