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Company Introduction
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Company Introduction

Dongguan Sobekk Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock manufacturing enterprise with 15 years of experience and pioneering spirit. It independently develops, produces, sells and sells high-precision optical measuring instruments for various industries. R&D center has been set up in Taiwan, with six major marketing and after-sales service centers and one overseas business department in mainland China. It is dedicated to providing industrial automation and intelligent products and solutions for precision manufacturing customers. It mainly aims at product size measurement, surface defect detection, automated production and assembly and other links to help customers improve quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs, so as to promote the competitiveness of customer enterprises.
Sobekk currently has four product lines: precision image measurement instrument, image measurement automation equipment, image detection automation equipment and image assembly automation equipment. Among them, precision measuring instruments, equipment and solutions have been successfully applied to industries including electronics, hardware, plastics, moulds, clocks and watches, ceramics, PCB boards, automotive parts, etc. Sobek has a national service network (Guangdong, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and other domestic and foreign sales and after-sales service centers) with high quality and high efficiency service team, providing customers with zero-distance services, free door-to-door installation mode and training, one-year free warranty, non-profit follow-up clothing. A series of safeguards, such as business plan, ensure the efficient use of customers and technical support.
Guangzhou Team Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou in 2003, and has set up offices in Shanghai and Beijing successively. In 2015, Kewei Instruments set up factories in China: Dongguan Sorbick Precision Instruments Co., Ltd., formally established: Kewei Instruments Group. Kewei has a highly skilled, experienced and energetic service team. 80% of its employees come from related majors in universities, and regularly go abroad to participate in professional training and technical exchanges of manufacturers. Kewei's products are developed, designed and manufactured by top international professional manufacturers, such as American CSZ, German Zwick, British SATRA and so on. Most of the products have decades or even hundreds of years of production history. Our products cover automobile, steel, petrochemical, electronics, plastics, rubber, pipe, building materials, footwear, leather, textile and other fields. Our clients cover the top 500 enterprises in the world and key key enterprises in related industries, research institutes, testing institutions and so on. We are always in the leading position in the field of reliability specialty.