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Address: 1st Floor, Building B, CY Creative Industry Park, Jiulong Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Company culture
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Company culture

[Company Purpose]
People-oriented, mastering core technology, innovation and change, strategic alliance, diversified development, sustainable management
[Business philosophy]
Sobekk, with "technology innovation leading industry trends, advocating quality to shape brand image, honesty and trustworthiness to create market share, five-star after-sales to meet customer needs". Sobek has always attached great importance to the construction and promotion of its own brand. Since its launch into the market, all kinds of products have been well received by domestic and foreign customers.
[Company Vision]
Sobek, adhering to traditional culture, advocating entrepreneurship, advocating service quality, pursuing excellent quality, keeping pace with the times, pioneering and innovative. We will continue to provide users with testing equipment with excellent performance, good quality, perfect service and value-added price. We will develop together with the vast number of users to meet the new leap of China's economy.
[History of Development]
2010-11: Major production equipment to the factory, installation and commissioning, start normal production.
2011-03: Passed ISO 9001 Quality System Certification.
2011-05: The image measuring instrument was officially put into production.
2012-06: Joining China Machinery Industry Association
2012-09: Practical Patent Certificate of Measuring Instrument
2013-09: Participate in Shanghai Exhibition and reach cooperation intention with foreign customers
2013-10: Automatic Imaging Instrument is officially put into production
2015-02: Relocation of new plant
2015-06: The company was renamed Sobick.
2015-09: New appearance, new design and new functions of the whole line of products have been completely renovated.